No Man’s Land 2 (1989)

Also Known As
No Man’s Land 2: Tales Of Temptation


Andrea Brittian [LezOnly]
Lauryl Canyon [LezOnly Bald]
Lorelei [LezOnly]
Rachel Ashley [LezOnly Bald]
Sharon Mitchell [LezOnly]
Tami White [LezOnly]

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Andrea Brittian, Lauryl Canyon
Scene 2. Andrea Brittian, Lauryl Canyon
Scene 3. Lorelei, Rachel Ashley, Tami White
Scene 4. Lauryl Canyon, Sharon Mitchell
Scene 5. Andrea Brittian, Lauryl Canyon, Lorelei, Rachel Ashley, Sharon Mitchell, Tami White

Tails of Temptation!

Gaze into the crystal ball of the fortune teller with three beautiful women as they are given a glimpse into their erotic future. The three embark on a sexual jouney into the realm of female-only lust where they become lost in velvet folds and soft caresses!



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