Nothing to Hide (1981) (english version)


Nothing to Hide (1981) – one of AVN 101 Greatest Adult Films
aka Totale Ausschweifungen

English language
English  version : 01:38:05

Starring: John Leslie, Richard Pacheco, Elizabeth Randolph, Richard Dove, Jack Hoffey, Erica Boyer, Robyn Whitting, Tom Ramar, Tigr, Raven Turner, Misty Regan, Eric Stein, Anthony Spinelli, Holly McCall, Pat Manning

The sequel to the classic ‘Talk Dirty To Me’. Ladychaser Jack and his innocent friend Lenny are still buddies- protecting each other from life’s blows. While cynical Jack compulsively beds every woman he sees- slow-witted Lenny yearns for true love. The women they encounter teach them both many things- physical and spiritual. “Best Film” – 1982 Adam Film World




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