Backdoor Brides 2 (1986)

The story of two newlyweds who win a honeymoon weekend at a ranch.
Anal, classic pornstar action!


Lorrie Lovett [Anal Facial DP]
Ronnie Dickson [Anal]
Sherry Evans [Anal DPP A2M]
Tanya Foxx [Anal Facial]
Tiffany Storm [Anal Facial]

Buck Adams
Marc Wallice
Peter North
Ray Wells
Ron Jeremy
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Sherry Evans, Buck Adams, Marc Wallice
Scene 2. Ronnie Dickson, Tom Byron
Scene 3. Lorrie Lovett, Tiffany Storm
Scene 4. Tiffany Storm, Ron Jeremy
Scene 5. Sherry Evans, Tom Byron
Scene 6. Lorrie Lovett, Peter North, Tom Byron
Scene 7. RWelles, Tanya Foxx, Buck Adams, Marc Wallice
Scene 8. Tanya Foxx, Tiffany Storm, Tom Byron



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