Priceless (1995)


Déjà vu. Past lives. Real? Illusion? Jenna’s about to find out. She’s facing Murder One, but has the gnawing feeling that this has all happened before. Can she refute the charges and still lead on intriguing sex life? Undoubtedly. Priceless. The experience of a lifetime.

Jim Enright

Holly Body
Jenna Jameson
Krista Maze
Misty Rain
Roxanne Hall
Sophia Ferrari

Jonathan Morgan
Peter North
Steven St. Croix
Tony Tedeschi

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Holly Body, Peter North
Scene 2. Misty Rain, Roxanne Hall, Tony Tedeschi
Scene 3. Jenna Jameson, Misty Rain
Scene 4. Sophia Ferrari, Jonathan Morgan
Scene 5. Krista Maze, Steven St. Croix
Scene 6. Jenna Jameson, Peter North




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