Private Thighs (1987)

Annette Haven
Cindy Taylor
Enjil Von Bergdorf
Georgina Spelvin
Linda Wong
Nicole Riddell
Paula Wain
Rene Bond

John Holmes
John Seeman
Jon Martin
Rick Lutze

Damon Christian

“‘Private Thighs’ is a retrospective of some of the best and most well-remembered porn classics. The film compiles steamy segments from four all-time erotic masterpieces, giving you a tawdry taste of just what made them so sensually special. The first flick that gets a look-in is ‘Beach Blanket Bango,’ a ribald take-off on 60s beach flicks that delivered fun and feverish frolicking in equal measure. Shot in a perfect imitation of the beach blanket style, the film still ranks as one of the most successful hardcore homages ever. The rest of ‘Private Thighs’ focuses on a trio of Johnny Wadd flicks starring the legendary John C. Holmes. The first is ‘The Jade Pussycat,’ from which we get to watch a whole series of salacious encounters. Holmes gets down and dirty with a string of sexy sirens, including a steamy session with luscious Linda Wong. That’s followed by clips from ‘Liquid Lips,’ from which we get a couple of carnally charged romps. Holmes enjoys a lusty massage in the best clip from this one. The finale feature focused on is ‘Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here,’ from which is culled the explosive Annette Haven/Holmes coupling that was one of the erotic highlights of the decade. ‘Private Thighs’ delivers lots of lusty clips and also some intriguing background info on the making of some of the best sex romps.”



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