Stormy (1980)

Starring: John Holmes, Joey Silvera, Linda Wong, Connie Peterson, John C. Holmes, Jacklin Morina.

Scene 1 is SE 108 “Morning Interlude” (Linda Wong, John Holmes)
Scene 2 is SE 105 “New Sexpot In Town” (Angel Ducharme, Don Fernando, Ray Wells)
Scene 3 is SE 115 “Fire and Spice” (Lauren Black, John Holmes)
Scene 4 is SE 102 “Riding High” (Connie Peterson, Ken Scudder, Don Fernando)
Scene 5 is SE 119 “Super Pimp” (Cris Cassidy, Angel Ducharme, John Holmes)
Scene 6 is SE 113 “The Therapist” (Cris Cassidy, Miki Star)
Scene 7 is SE 104 “College Stud” (Suzanne French, Chris Petersen, Billy Dee)
Scene 8 is SE 101 “Accounting For It” (Cris Cassidy, Miki Star, John Seeman)
Scene 9 is SE 112 “Double Header” (Pheary I. Byrd, Joey Silvera, John Holmes)

Default audio is English. You can choose track 2 (French)

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