Red Baron (1989)

Let’s see here. What’s the most well-used plot gimmick in the history of hardcore? Could it be the old ‘guys sit around and tell one another sex stories’ theme? Well, this opus once again returns to that storyline to string together these otherwise unrelated romps. The whole thing would be too silly to take if it weren’t for the exhilarating performances of the starlets involved. In fact, this flick brings together some of the most exciting women of the late 80s, women who made the decade’s hit parade with their inventive and amorous approach to arousal. Angela Baron’s a Teutonic tart who rips into her partner, letting him every which way but loose as she drives the scene to a feverish finale. Legendary performer Carol Cummings shows off her svelte shape when confronted with her man in another steamy segment. Nina DePonca is without a doubt one of the hottest black women of the 80s, a tight-bodied temptress with curves in all the right places. She turns in the flick’s most mesmerizing moments, taking on Ray Victory in a blistering boff that leaves them both utterly spent. And with fan faves like Nikki Valentine and Staci Lords lending their torrid talents to the mix, this is one carnal collection that doesn’t let up for one savory second.

Michael Craig

Angela Baron [LezOnly]
Carol Cummings
Elise [LezOnly]
Nina DePonca
Stacy Lords

Jon Dough
Marc Wallice
Randy Spears
Ray Victory

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Angela Baron, Elise
Scene 2. Carol Cummings, Jon Dough
Scene 3. Carol Cummings, Marc Wallice
Scene 4. Nina DePonca, Ray Victory
Scene 5. Stacy Lords, Randy Spears




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  1. Dears: One of the best movies of the 80’s “The Bitch” with Angela Baron. This movie is extremely difficult to find, but plentiful, but many people are looking forward to on the Internet. If you can upload would be awesome. thanks

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