Chastity and the Starlets (1986)


Amber Lynn
Jessica Wylde
Joanna Storm
Melanie Scott
Sheri St. Clair
Taija Rae
Tami Lee Curtis


Bill Margold
John Holmes
John Leslie
Steve Drake
Steve Powers
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Amber Lynn, Steve Drake
  • Scene 2. Various clips
  • Scene 3. Annette Michael, John Holmes
  • Scene 4. Various clips
  • Scene 5. Sandy Dempsey, John Holmes
  • Scene 6. Joanna Storm, John Leslie
  • Scene 7. Taija Rae
  • Scene 8. Melanie Scott, John Leslie
  • Scene 9. Joanna Storm, Taija Rae
  • Scene 10. Taija Rae, Tom Byron
  • Scene 11. Joanna Storm, Bill Margold
  • Scene 12. Jessica Wylde, John Leslie
  • Scene 13. Tami Lee Curtis, Bill Margold
  • Scene 14. Taija Rae, Tom Byron


  • John Holmes clips are taken from Zodiac Killer (1972).

Language: English

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