Chastity and the Starlets (1986)


There?s a big problem at The Starlets Club that has the gentlemen clientele UP in arms! A mysterious force has locked a chastity belt onto the curvy and tiny waist of virgin hottie Chastity. Her sex kitten friends at the Club must find a way to remove the belt, allowing Chastity and her eager young snatch to enjoy the limitless sexual orgies the club has to offer. Will the belt finally be unlocked, thus opening up a Pandora?s Box of wild sex for this unspoiled vixen?  …

David Summers


Amber Lynn
Jessica Wylde
Joanna Storm
Melanie Scott
Sheri St. Clair
Taija Rae
Tami Lee Curtis


Bill Margold
John Holmes
John Leslie
Steve Drake
Steve Powers
Tom Byron



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