Satan Was A Lady (1976)


Let Her Show You How Good It Feels To Be Bad!
Satan Was a Lady attempts to deliver a dark plot to its audience with dark haired buxom babes frolicking and fucking as the backdrop. Whether it succeeds or not is really subjective, but what it does do is pick wonderful looking sluts who want cock in their slits and tongues on their clits!

Doris Wishman (as Kenyon Wintel)

Annie Sprinkle (as Anny Sands) [Facial Bald]
Bree Anthony
C.J. Laing (as Chris Jackson)
Sandy Fox (as Sandi Foxx) [NonSex]

Alex Mann [NonSex]
Bobby Astyr (as Bobby Astyn)
Tony Richards (as Tony Rich)

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Bree Anthony, Tony Richards
Scene 2. Annie Sprinkle, Bobby Astyr
Scene 3. Annie Sprinkle, Tony Richards
Scene 4. C.J. Laing, Tony Richards
Scene 5. Annie Sprinkle
Scene 6. Bree Anthony, Tony Richards
Scene 7. Annie Sprinkle, Bobby Astyr
Scene 8. Bree Anthony, Tony Richards




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