Married With Hormones (1991)


Just when you thought you had seen it all- comes MARRIED: WITH HORMONES; the story of the Undys: Hal- Meg- Nellie- and Dud; an entire family on the verge of a psycho-sexual breakdown. It’s America’s favorite characters as you’ve never seen them before. Divorce yourself from run-of-the mill adult video; meet the Undy!

Mad Dad Dan

* Bionca
* Heather Hart
* K.C. Williams [Facial]
* Mercedes Lynn
* Nikki Wilde [Facial]

* Biff Malibu
* Randy West
* Sebastian
* Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Heather Hart, Mercedes Lynn, Nikki Wilde
* Scene 2. Nikki Wilde, Biff Malibu, Sebastian
* Scene 3. Bionca, Sebastian
* Scene 4. Heather Hart, Mercedes Lynn, Tom Byron
* Scene 5. Heather Hart, Mercedes Lynn, Nikki Wilde
* Scene 6. K.C. Williams, Randy West




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