Sweet Sweet Freedom (1976)

Also Known As
Hot Nurses

Roberta Findlay

* Barbara Daniels
* Crystal Sync
* Dory Devon
* Jeanette Sinclair
* Jenny Baxter
* Marlene Willoughby
* Mousiendi [IR]
* Roberta Findlay [NonSex]
* Solange Shannon [Facial]
* Tia von Davis [LezOnly]
* Ursula Austin

* Don Peterson
* Eric Edwards
* Jeffrey Hurst
* John Holmes
* Terry Austin
* Zebedy Colt [BJOnly]

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Mousiendi, faceless guy
* Scene 2. Dory Devon, guy
* Scene 3. Mousiendi, John Holmes
* Scene 4. Dory Devon, Marlene Willoughby
* Scene 5. Mousiendi, Don Peterson
* Scene 6. Barbara Daniels, Dory Devon, Jeanette Sinclair, Don Peterson, Eric Edwards, Jeffrey Hurst, John Holmes
* Scene 7. Mousiendi, Zebedy Colt
* Scene 8. Dory Devon, Jeffrey Hurst
* Scene 9. Marlene Willoughby, John Holmes
* Scene 10. Dory Devon, Mousiendi, John Holmes
* Scene 11. Crystal Sync, Jeanette Sinclair, Don Peterson, Eric Edwards
* Scene 12. Marlene Willoughby, John Holmes
* Scene 13. Barbara Daniels, Terry Austin
* Scene 14. Ursula Austin, John Holmes
* Scene 15. Mousiendi, Don Peterson
* Scene 16. Jeanette Sinclair, Jenny Baxter, Marlene Willoughby, Mousiendi, Solange Shannon, Tia von Davis, Ursula Austin, Don Peterson, Jeffrey Hurst, John Holmes, others, Terry Austin

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! They’re always ready for intensive care! Well, not quite if the Hot Nurses have anything to say about it. They’ve got a revolutionary medical plan in mind that could make Medicare pay for itself in two weeks! Faced with the dilemma that Carcinoma Hospital patients are dying faster than they can pay their bills, the staff proposes a highly experimental (and ultimately more profitable) form of preventative medicine that would make Florence Nightingale turn over in her grave! Even irresponsible Dr. Mort (The legendary John Holmes) gets into the act as his probing surgical techniques get special recognition from the receptive personnel. The program is a resounding financial success, proving once and for all that good old fashioned American ingenuity will never let you down.







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