Nicole Stanton Story 1 (1988)

The Nicole Stanton Story (1988) in English
also known as: The Nicole Stanton Story 1: The Rise

Year: 1988
Country: Germany
Length: 1:21:54

Director: Henri Pachard


Annette Haven [MastOnly]
Eva Allen
Jade East
Lisa Bright
Megan Leigh [Facial]
Nina Hartley [NonSex]


Jack Baker [NonSex]
Joe Elliot [NonSex]
Joey Silvera [NonSex]
John Leslie
Peter North
Randy West
Scott Irish

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Annette Haven
Scene 2. Eva Allen, Randy West
Scene 3. Eva Allen, John Leslie
Scene 4. Megan Leigh, Peter North
Scene 5. Lisa Bright, Randy West
Scene 6. Jade East, Peter North
Scene 7. Megan Leigh, Scott Irish



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