Teenie Tulip (1970)

Also Known As
Can’t Get Enough

Gerard Damiano

* Alice Noland [MastOnly]
* Anita Ventura
* Brenda Baines
* Jackie Richards
* Linda Southern
* Lucy Rey
* Peggy Simpson
* Susan Landow
* Terri Hall

* Don Nardo
* Donny Lee
* Hack Rightor
* Larry Hunter
* Richard Lipton
* Ron Wertheim
* Steve Dickenson

This fine motion picture is a love story. It is the story of Karen, a beautiful young girl, so much in love with Jim that she voluntarily submits herself to all forms of degradation for his sake. It is the story of Jane, a woman in love with the act of love. It is the story of Clyde, the voyeur who loves the sight but not the touch of a woman’s body. It is the story of Morris, a man head over heels in love with another man. It is the tragic story of Rita who confused love with animal lust, and who paid the ultimate penalty. It is the story of Richard, the human love machine.
And above all it is the story of Dr. Luv, whose misguided theories brought all those around him, and eventually himself, to a terrible climactic ending.






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