Les Bons coups (1979)

Original title

* Caresses inavouables

Alternate Titles

*Les Bons coups ( Blue One DVD, 59 mins)
*Caresses ( 1984 Vidco VHS, Caballero DVD, 85 mins.)
*Carezze inconfessabili – Italy
*Denn sie wusste nicht was sie tat ( Beate Uhse, 78 mins)
*L’Éperon brûlant
*The Good Fucks – Alpha France English title
*Heisser als Lava – Tabu DVD title
*Voluptés secrètes


* Céline Gallone as Céline
* Diane Dubois
* Erika Cool, as Erika
* Gallia
* Marie-Dominique Cabannes, uncredited
* Morgane


* Joël Charvier as Jean-Joël Charrier
* Guy Royer, uncredited, but the main male performer
* Charlie Schreiner, brief, non-sex
* Gilbert Servien, uncredited, non-sex, Céline Gallone’s enraged father

Scene breakdown

Scene 1 Diane Dubois, Guy Royer, Joël Charvier
Scene 2 Morgane (solo at first), Joël Charvier
Scene 3 Erika Cool, Guy Royer
Scene 4 Erika Cool, Guy Royer, Joël Charvier, Morgane
Scene 5 Céline Gallone, Guy Royer
Scene 6 Erika Cool, Joël Charvier, Morgane
Scene 7 Gallia (solo at first), Guy Royer
Scene 8 Erika Cool, Marie-Dominique Cabannes
Scene 9 Guy Royer, Joël Charvier, Morgane
Scene 10 Erika Cool, Guy Royer, Joël Charvier, Marie-Dominique Cabannes, Morgane

Language: French, English ( 00:59:27 ) — better video quality

Language: German dub ( 01:21:43 )


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