The Sea Nymph (Hungry-Eyed Woman) (1973)


Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1973
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Ted Denver

Starring: Maggie Williams, Joan Benton, Patty Douglas, Robert Roth, Barry Litmus

Description: The Sea Nymph is about a spermy mermaid (Maggie Williams) whose battle cry should be “Thar she blows!”
Our nymph goddess controls men’s minds, hypnotizing them with her beauty (or, perhaps, her rancid acting). She picks up one palooka (who crashes his car after he spots her) and it’s balls across the nose time. “Pound it in!” she commands as he gives her a hosing.
Wandering the streets, she puts the whammy on a slew of able-bodied studs. In the end, she walks back into the ocean to sleep with the fish.
The Sea Nymph strikes pay dirt in the skin department. There’s some beautiful female flesh on view to keep tongues wagging. As a bonus, the men wear clean underwear and actually remove their socks.



2 thoughts on “The Sea Nymph (Hungry-Eyed Woman) (1973)”

  1. Kay White appears first here at 32:16 as member of 3-some. That scene is discontinued until 49:26, where porn is shown in cuts to other scenes. Kay’s sex looks simulated.

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