Babylon Pink 2 (1987)


Henri Pachard

* Alexa Parks
* Nikki Knight
* Ona Z
* Shanna McCullough
* Sharon Kane

* Howard Darkley [NonSex]
* Jerry Butler
* Joey Silvera
* Robert Bullock

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Nikki Knight, Robert Bullock
* Scene 2. Shanna McCullough, Robert Bullock
* Scene 3. Alexa Parks, Ona Z, Joey Silvera
* Scene 4. Nikki Knight, Sharon Kane
* Scene 5. Ona Z, Jerry Butler
* Scene 6. Shanna McCullough, Sharon Kane, Jerry Butler

Often imitated, but never duplicated, Babylon Pink is the blushing-hot female fantasy film of all time! The outrageous Cecil Howard and Henri Pachard join forces for a long and shameless probe into the most intimate erotic desires of the hottest stars in the world. Rarely before has a film been this nasty or this unforgettable. You’ll see Vanessa Del Rio, a tigress in heat, Samantha Fox in total submission, Merle Michaels, an erotic plaything for naughty Eurasian Arcadia Lake and stud Eric Edwards. Then there’s Georgina Spelvin, outstripping all her previous performances in unspeakable ecstasy, Debbie Revenge, queen of defiled sensuality being eaten alive by desire, Georgette Sanders who’s all wicked innocence and burning curiosity, and more! This is required viewing for anyone who wants the best possible erotica!



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