Beauties In Paradise (1994)


Starring: Karina Senk, Mickaela, Nadine Bronx, Nadine Bronx, Sylvie, Valy Verdy, Christopher James, David Lecogneur, Fred Person, Fred Person, Jack Stryker, Joey Silvera, Bob Terminator.

Shot on the Seychelles islands, with a dream scenery and a cast of the most beautiful girls, this is the penultimate movie of the so grieved for Michel Ricaud who has created this piece of art as only he could do it. A movie which will fascinate every one who loves exoticism and torrid scenes under the tropic skies. You’ll see Vally Verdy, the beautiful French girl with her wonderful tits in her first appearance and also Karina, the Russian girl with the doll-face and a lot of other beauties who have made out of sodomy their reason to live … an absolute must!






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