Birds and the Beads (1974)


Also Known As
Birds and Beads
The Birds and The Beads (Movie Poster)


* Tina Russell … Cherry
* Georgina Spelvin … Sydney
* Sheila … The Gypsy
* Terri Eastern … Dawn
* Levi Richards (as John Ashton) … Harry

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Tina Russell, Levi Richards
  • Scene 2. Tina Russell
  • Scene 3. Terri Eastern, Levi Richards
  • Scene 4. Georgina Spelvin, Tina Russell
  • Scene 5. Tina Russell, Levi Richards
  • Scene 6. Georgina Spelvin, Tina Russell, Levi Richards


  • Georgina Spelvin plays the double role of Syndey and the Gypsy (as Shelia).

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