Black Satin Nights (1988)

Hot, sultry and oh so sensual are those “Black Satin Nights.” The delicious Angel Kelly stars in this cavalcade of assorted dark and light candy sexuality with a flair for the unexpected.

When the lights go down, these lovers go to work, lusting and thrusting long past the morning sunrise. With a plot that twists and turns, offering lesbian action as well as a hot threesome, this classic is sure to please! When was the last time you stayed up all night?


Angel Kelly
Chanel Price
Jeannie Pepper

Scene 1: Hill Street Blacks (1985), Scene 1: Chanel Price, Jeannie Pepper, F.M. Bradley
Scene 2: Sister Dearest (1984), Scene 2: Sahara, Peter North
Scene 3: Black Magic Sex Clinic (1987), Scene 1: Nikki Knight, Billy Dee
Scene 4: Hill Street Blacks (1985), Scene 6: Lady Stephanie, Robbie Dee
Scene 5: Adventures of Dick Black (1987), Scene 4: Tiffany Storm, F.M. Bradley
Scene 6: Body Games (1987), Scene 5: Magnolia Lankershim, John Leslie
Scene 7: Hill Street Blacks (1985), Scene 4: Kathy Thomas, Lady Stephanie




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