Blazing Zippers (1976)

Boots McCoy

* Anne Beatty
* Lisa Sue Corey
* Suzanne French

* Big John Henderson
* Gerry John
* John Seeman
* Ken Scudder

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Lisa Sue Corey, Ken Scudder
* Scene 2. blonde, John Seeman
* Scene 3. Lisa Sue Corey, guy, Ken Scudder
* Scene 4. Lisa Sue Corey, black_guy
* Scene 5. Suzanne French, guy

Here’s a classic from the archives! Filmed in 1976 a story of two cow girls that just seem to get enough of cowboys as a rodeo comes into town!
These cowgirls are just in heat when they see these burly, dirty, rough, tough cowboys that will take them on a ride that they won’t soon be able to forget!

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