Blue Confessions (1983)


T.T. Lord

* Andrea Lange
* Hilda Kauffman
* Jennifer West
* Jesie St. James (as Jessie St. James)
* Kitty Shayne (as Kitty Shane)
* Loni Sanders
* Marlene Munroe (as Marlene Monroe) [Anal]
* Mimi Morgan [Anal DP]
* Patty Bridges
* Roberta Marlow
* Sandra Thompson
* Serena [Anal]
* Sharon Kane [Facial]
* Tina Blair
* Valerie Darlyn

* Blair Harris (as David Blair)
* Mike Horner (as Don Hart)
* Don Robertson
* John Leslie
* Bob Bernharding (as Keith Donaldson)
* Ken Scudder (as Ken Scutter)
* Mike Ranger
* Paul Thomas
* R.J. Reynolds

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Loni Sanders, Mike Ranger
* Scene 2. Jesie St. James, Marlene Munroe, Blair Harris, Bob Bernharding
* Scene 3. brun, Jennifer West, R.J. Reynolds
* Scene 4. Serena, Sharon Kane, Valerie Darlyn, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas
* Scene 5. Tina Blair, R.J. Reynolds
* Scene 6. Andrea Lange, Ken Scudder
* Scene 7. Kitty Shayne, John Leslie
* Scene 8. Mimi Morgan, Blair Harris, Don Robertson
* Scene 9. Jennifer West, Loni Sanders

In this cleverly crafted gem of a movie, Loni Sanders stars as a frustrated freelance writer who undertakes the laborious task of conjuring up eight graphic articles on people’s sexual fantasies and secret desires. But it’s her fantasy that’s the final article needed to complete her essay!



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