Body Music (1989)


Brenda Carin
Erica Boyer [LezOnly]
Victoria Paris


Peter North
Randy West
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Brenda Carin, Tom Byron
Scene 2. Keisha, Peter North
Scene 3. Erica Boyer, Keisha
Scene 4. Victoria Paris, Randy West
Scene 5. Keisha, Tom Byron

Busty beauty Keisha turns in one of her most passionate performances ever in this searing story of stardom and sexuality. She plays a former child star who wants to branch out into more adult roles — but the studio won’t hear of it! They want her to keep cranking out flicks that capitalize on her squeaky-clean image. Keisha’s passion to prove herself drives her to erotic extremes, and in the end she decides to produce her adult-themed flick herself. Along the way, she delivers some of her hottest scenes ever, including a poolside plunge with Peter North and a steamy lesbian dust-up with Erica Boyer. Her naturally curvaceous beauty drives each scene through the roof and makes ‘Body Music’ an erotic classic.



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