Brooke Does College (1984)

Also Known As
Brooke Does Princeton

Cast: Brooke Fields, Cody Nicole, Annette Heinz, Laurie Smith, Carol Cross, Sharon Kane, Joey Silvera, Hershel Savage, Michael Knight

Scene 1. Cody Nicole, Johnny Nineteen
Scene 2. Brooke Fields, Hershel Savage
Scene 3. Brooke Fields, Sharon Kane
Scene 4. Carol Cross, Kenny Dee
Scene 5. Cody Nicole, Michael Bruce
Scene 6. Laurie Smith, Dick Howard
Scene 7. Long Jean Silver, Johnny Nineteen
Scene 8. Annette Heinz, David Christopher
Scene 9. Cody Nicole, Laurie Smith, Joey Silvera
Scene 10. Brooke Fields, Hershel Savage

Language: English



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  1. Sorry, not sure what happened with the last file. But I can’t link them together with VirtualDub. The first part is OK, but the rest aren’t recognized.

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