Classical Romance (1984)


Starring: Paul Thomas, Jacqueline Lorians, Desiree Lane, Valerie Love, Herschel Savage, Bunny Bleu, David Cannon, Renee Summers, Don Hodge, Phil McCann, Harold Adler, Jack S. Margolis, Jerome Bryson, Cynthia Brooks.

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Valerie LeVeau, David Cannon
  • Scene 2. Desiree Lane, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 3. Bunny Bleu, Herschel Savage
  • Scene 4. Cynthia Brooks, David Cannon
  • Scene 5. Desiree Lane, Renee Summers, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 6. Jacqueline Lorians, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 7. Desiree Lane, Don Hodges
  • Scene 8. Lisa Lake, Herschel Savage


  • Jacqueline Lorians is listed as Jacqueline Lorains in the closing credits.

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