Cream Rinse (1976)

Year: 1976
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, oral, cum shots
Length: 00:56:12
Language: English

Directed by: Dick Cocks


This very erotic sequel to “Shampoo” is about two brothers who are partners in a hairdressing salon who always compete for their female clients. One day as their egos are swelling, they make a bet to see which one of them could get the most women in one night. They each put up their part of the business as a prize. To help them get more girls, they have a party that evening. Rene and the other girls show up and the smoldering hot action gets started. In the end it doesn’t matter who ends up winning the bet because in this movie there are no losers. Both brothers and everyone else ends up winning. Really big!


Angie Cinsalo
Ginger Peachy
Linda Licks
Rene Bond


Ceasar Balsitch
John Holmes
Peter Packer



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