Dans la chaleur de Julie (1975)

Dubbed in English, originally French

Alternate Titles

* Black Love (Germany, Mike Hunter video)
* Les Friandises musclées (working title)
* Growing Up (USA, VCX)
* Sexorgien und Liebe (Mike Hunter DVD)


* Anne Vareze plays Suzy
* Brigitte Monnin plays Agnes
* Chantal Fourquet plays a fellow student of Julie and Martine
* Ellen Earl plays Margaret Dutremble
* Laure Cottereau plays Julie, simulated, inserted h/c close-ups
* Maria Catala (?) in post wedding party scene (57:04)
* Maria Malone plays Lily, non h/c
* Martine Grimaud plays Martine
* Sylvia Bourdon plays Marie, the cook/maid to the Dutrembles


* Pierre Danny plays Poulard Dutremble
* Richard Darbois plays Xavier
* Yves Collignon plays Julie’s lover, Frank (name in the American version)
* Manu Pluton plays the butler
* Carmélo Petix in orgy scenes (bisexual, sucks Manu Pluton’s cock)
* Charlie Schreiner in many sex scenes
* Gilbert Servien in orgy scenes

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