Debordements de plaisir (1975)

Original Title

* D├ębordements de plaisir

Alternate Titles

* Africa Fuckdreams (DVD box title)
* Africa Love (Mike Hunter video)
* African Fuckdreams (Mike Hunter DVD)

Released: 1975
Director: Alain Nauroy as Lino Ayranu


* Carole Gire
* Ingrid d’Eve
* Jocelyne Clairis
* Martine Grimaud plays Jane
* Nadia Day
* Sylvia Bourdon


* Richard Darbois (body doubled for h/c)
* Cyril Val
* Alban Ceray
* Manu Pluton
* Madou Sal
* and other black males

A guess at the scenario: Sylvia Bourdon and Richard Darbois are a couple on holiday in Africa. Bourdon wants to join in the sexual goings on, Darbois is more reluctant. He happens to see Cyril Val having sex in his room with a girl who may be Carole Gire. Then he watches as Bourdon joins in an orgy in a bar, and later when she joins in a sex show put on for them. At this point he does join in. They go off to a beach with one of the black girls and get captured by some tribesmen when Bourdon is ‘made’ to pay for their release by giving sexual favours to their captors. In an unrelated sequence Martine Grimaud (referred to as Jane) is naked, riding a horse on the beach, where she meets a black man and they 69 in the surf.



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