Doctor Penetration (1986)


Dr Penetration (1986)

Director : Alex DeRenzy

* Brittany Stryker [Anal DP IR]
* Lois Ayres [Facial IR]
* Melissa Melendez (as Melissa)
* Sheri St. Clair [Anal]
* Stacey Donovan [IR]
* Taija Rae

* Dick Rambone
* F.M. Bradley (as F. Marshall Bradley)
* Hershel Savage (as Herschel Savage)
* Tom Byron
* Andrew Nichols (as William Lee) [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Stacey Donovan, Hershel Savage (Stacey is Beautiful with that Model)
* Scene 2. Melissa Melendez, Sheri St. Clair
* Scene 3. Hershel Savage, Sheri St. Clair
* Scene 4. Dick Rambone, Melissa Melendez
* Scene 5. Lois Ayres, Tom Byron, Taija Rae
* Scene 6. Stacey Donovan, F.M. Bradley, Lois Ayres, Brittany Stryker
* Scene 7. F.M. Bradley, Brittany Stryker, Tom Byron

Sweet Stacey Donovan and Herschel Savage are a couple of newlyweds who find themselves in some trouble as their car breaks down on the way to the honeymoon. They seek help, not knowing that the house they knock on belongs to Dr. Penetration.
Inside he keep a private refuge for all sorts of sexual debauchery so he can fulfill his need for voyeurism as the sex-crazed madman that he is.





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