Dear Fanny (1985)

Dear Fanny answers letters on everyone’s favorite subject-sex. From Fanny’s beachfront Malibu office, her two assistants and even the mailman get into the act as they read one bizarre letter after another. See Ron Jeremy in his prime stick all eleven inches into Fanny’s ass after a lascivious letter sparks the nymphomaniac between her legs. Watch barely legal Amber Lynn in one of her first films give an intense blow job before begging for a hard fuck. Dear Fanny is not just one of the best of its day. Dear Fanny is a timeless film that all porn fans should have the privilege to see.


Amber Lynn [Facial]
Deidra Hopkins
Lei Petite (as Erica Collins)
Gina Carrera [Facial]
Janey Robbins [Anal Bald]
Lois Ayres
Melanie Scott
Mimi Danielle
Mindy Rae
Nikki Randall
Pamela Jennings
Severa Lee
Tantala Ray


Billy Dee
Dino Alexander
Jay Serling
Jerry Davis
Nick Random
R. Bolla
Robert Bullock
Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Nikki Randall, Jay Serling
Scene 2. Gina Carrera, Dino Alexander
Scene 3. Mindy Rae, R. Bolla
Scene 4. Amber Lynn, R. Bolla, Robert Bullock
Scene 5. Severa Lee, Jerry Davis
Scene 6. Gina Carrera, Ron Jeremy
Scene 7. Mimi Danielle, Ron Jeremy
Scene 8. Mimi Danielle, Pamela Jennings, Ron Jeremy
Scene 9. Deidra Hopkins, Lois Ayres, Melanie Scott, Billy Dee
Scene 10. Lei Petite, Tantala Ray, Nick Random
Scene 11. Gina Carrera, Janey Robbins, Ron Jeremy





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