Downstairs Upstairs (1980)


Director : Lisa Barr

Kay Parker, Lisa de Leeuw, R.J.Reynolds, Seka, Sherisse, Bobby Reed, Bobby Reed, Dan Quick, Louis Shortstud, Luke Gusher, RJ Reynolds, Tim Not

Scene 1. Lisa DeLeeuw, Tim Not
Scene 2. Luke Gusher, Sherisse
Scene 3. John Boland, Seka
Scene 4. Kay Parker, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 5. Lisa DeLeeuw, Dan Quick
Scene 6. R.J. Reynolds, Sherisse
Scene 7. R.J. Reynolds, Seka, Sherisse
Scene 8. Lisa DeLeeuw, Luis De Jesus
Scene 9. R.J. Reynolds, Seka
Scene 10. Seka
Scene 11. R.J. Reynolds, Sherisse
Scene 12. Kay Parker, R.J. Reynolds

Downstairs, Upstairs is centered around a house maid named ‘Olive’, played by Sherrisse, a new and rising talent. Olive’s job is with the uproariously sex happy Bun family. All the incredible scenes are the most erotic and sexual ever shown on the screen.



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