Ecstasy (1991)

Year: 1991
Country: USA
Genre: Feature
Duration: 00:51:18
Language English

Director: Scotty Fox
Studio: Legend Video

Starring: Tom Byron …
Chase Garrett
Mike Horner …
Bill Dollars
Carolyn Monroe …
Laura Levine (as Candice Walker)
April Rayne …
Norma Bates
Savannah …
Desire Bouvier
Missy Warner …
Linda Lust
Randy West …
Frank Boggs

Description: Porn writer Bill Dollars, driving to a weekend retreat to hack out his latest script for adult movie queen Desire, crashes, then wakes up to find himself the prisoner of his biggest fan, a deranged woman named Norma Bates. Ecstasy is supposedly is an erotic spoof of Stephen King’s Misery, but it’s neither too erotic nor funny. Bill Dollars (Mike Horner) is the writer of a popular X-rated video series featuring Desiree Bouvier (Savannah). Only problem is, Bill’s tired of his creation and wants to write other things, so he sets off to the mountains for a week to work in solitude on Desiree’s swan song video. On the way back from his self-induced seclusion, Bill gets in a car accident, is unconscious for several days, and wakes up to find himself being cared for by his Number One fan, Norma Bates (April Rayne). Only problem is, Norma’s read his final Desiree script, is not at all pleased with having her favorite character killed off, and she holds Bill hostage until the two of them can rewrite the script so that Desiree survives. Candace Heart, Missy Warner, Randy West and Tom Byron co-star.

The video was written by Cash Markham, who seems to have a big chip on his shoulder about his job, if only because of the repeated snide remarks appearing in it about how porn writers get no respect. As it stands, Ecstasy has very good production values, but it’s very slow-moving and borders on boring. Some of the erotic segments are fine, but there’s a problem with lead “fantasy” actress Savannah – she’s cutesy and easy on the eyes, to be sure, but she’s very distant in all of her scenes, as if her mind is out shopping on another planet while her body is busy on Earth. Additionally, Ecstasy is yet another Scotty Fox-directed effort containing his usual two gals, one mechanical device scene (give it a rest, Scotty).

Extras. Info: Scene Breakdowns:

Scene 1. Carolyn Monroe, Mike Horner
Scene 2. Missy Warner, Savannah
Scene 3. Carolyn Monroe, Randy West
Scene 4. Savannah, Tom Byron
Scene 5. April Rayne, Mike Horner





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