Certifiably Anal (1994)

Starring: Kaylan Nicole, Heather Lee, Kaitlyn Ashley, Veronica, Joey Silvera, Peter North, Randy West, Tom Byron.

Top-notch video and sound work highlight this spicy sexvid with a decidedly rear-view approach to the world. You’ll be certifiably ecstatic when you catch a gander at the gorgeous ladies and frenzied action that scorches through this one. It opens with an energetic two-couple romp featuring hardbody Kaylan Nicole and always dependably erotic Kaitlyn Ashley. Fans of Kaylan Nicole will want to own this one for sure, as she turns in three over-heated scenes back-to-back-to-back that overwhelm everything else in the film. She’s got one of the nicest bodies in 90?s porn, and a beautiful face that has just a hint of the nasty girl flitting behind her eyes. Kaylan takes on Tom Byron, Randy West, and Peter North in a trio of excellent sex scenes that just go to show you why she’s considered one of the top blonde starlets of her day. The lady is simply gorgeous, with an attitude that won’t allow her to let up for a second.




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