Educating Tricia (1981)

Alternate Titles

* Black Silk Stockings*
* Calori
* Educating Tricia (USA, Caballero)
* Schwarze Strapse junger Maedchen (Germany, Beate Uhse)
* Les Bas de soie noire (1981)


* Cathy Stewart plays Julie, a maid
* Christine Black plays Patricia
* Dominique Saint Claire plays Judith, Vincent’s wife
* Elisabeth Bure plays Jeanette, a maid
* Laura Clair plays party guest
* Mika Barthel plays a party guest [anal, DP]
* Nadine Roussial as Christina Maffei, plays a party guest
* Nicole Segaud as Nicole Genoux, plays a party guest
* XNK0946, a party guest


* Ghislain Van Hove plays Vincent
* Richard Lemieuvre plays Victor, a servant
* Guy Royer plays Albert, a servant
* Hubert Geral plays Bernard, a party guest
* Gabriel Pontello plays Jean-Louis, a party guest
* Dominique Aveline plays Bertrand, a party guest
* Cyril Val plays a party guest
* Piotr Stanislas plays a party guest
* unknown blonde male, a party guest

Description: One of the more prominent fantasies of erudite males is making love to beautiful women who are clad only in leather underwear. Realizing this, Vincent creates a club in which members can live out these fantasies with women, with the cooperation of their husbands, or guardians, who are then led into lives of uninhibited sex and cooking.





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