Embrochez-moi par les deux trous (1981)

Alternate Titles
Cuisine – working title
Désirs – incorrectly stated to be original title on Tabu DVD cover
Mach’s mir
Maud – subtitle on poster
Où me l’as-tu mise ?
Süss & willig! – Tabu
Süss und willig! – Tabu DVD cover title (spine)

• Cathy Dupré plays Anna
• Chrystelle Lori plays Florence
• Dany as Dany Doll
• Kris Lara plays Fifi the maid
• Mika Barthel plays Sophie, the businesswoman
• Nicole Segaud as Helen Shirley, plays Paul’s wife

Males –
• Richard Lemieuvre (Richard Allan) plays Paul
• Jacques Gatteau plays Hector, the cook
• Dominique Aveline, plays a South American associate
• Christian Mazagran, plays a South American associate

Language : French



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