Erotic Rondo (1994)

Alternate Titles
Les Malices de Caterina

Anita Rinaldi plays Vanessa
Deborah Wells plays Flora, Alessio’s girlfriend
Simona Valli plays Caterina, the maid

Joey Silvera plays Rodolfo
Tao plays the gardener
Cristopher Suss plays Alessio

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Deborah Wells and Christopher Suss
Scene 2. Anita Rinaldo and Simona Valli
Scene 3. Simona Valli (anal), Deborah Wells and Cristopher Suss
Scene 4. Simona Valli (anal) and Joey Silvera
Scene 5. Deborah Wells and Tao
Scene 6. Simona Valli (DP), Joey Silvera and Cristopher Suss

Language: Italian

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