Extreme Close Up (1979)

A writer begins a dangerous, doomed-from-the-start affair with the boyfriend of a lustful socialite and photographer whom she is writing the biography of.

Everyone hides a secret sexual desire, but most of us aren’t brave enough to actually satisfy these deepest longings. But Laura Farr is a different breed. Bored with her humdrum marriage, Laura decides to travel to France in order to expand her sexual horizons. There, she befriends the mysterious Marguerite Heller, an erotic photographer with a tantalizing taste for the sensually unusual. Before long, Laura is led into a world of European sexual delights where fantasy merges with reality — and where a willing woman can blossom in the hands of virile studs and lustful ladies alike. In the eye-opening climax, Laura comes face to face with her true sexual self – in a very revealing Extreme Close-Up.

Delania Raffino
Denise Sloan (as Denise Deneuve) [Facial]
Diane Sloan (as Diana Deneuve) [Facial]
Gloria Leonard
Holly McCall

Daniel Trabet
Jacques Gatteau
Jamie Gillis
John Holmes

Scene 1: Delania Raffino, Jamie Gillis
Scene 2: John Holmes, Holly McCall
Scene 3: Denise Sloan, Daniel Trabet
Scene 4: John Holmes, Gloria Leonard
Scene 5: Denise Sloan, Diane Sloan, Daniel Trabet, Jacques Gatteau, John Holmes, Holly McCall
Scene 6: Delania Raffino, John Holmes
Scene 7: Delania Raffino, John Holmes
Scene 8: Delania Raffino, John Holmes
Scene 9: Denise Sloan, Diane Sloan, Gloria Leonard





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