Flesh Fire (1986)


* Andrea Brittian
* Erica Boyer
* Heather Wayne
* Jessica Longe
* Jessica Wylde
* Josephine Carrington
* Stevie Taylor
* Greg Rome
* Paul Thomas
* Steve Drake
* Tony Martino


Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Erica Boyer, Tony Martino
* Scene 2. Greg Rome, Jessica Wylde
* Scene 3. Stevie Taylor, Tony Martino
* Scene 4. Andrea Brittian
* Scene 5. Erica Boyer, Heather Wayne
* Scene 6. Andrea Brittian, Erica Boyer, Heather Wayne
* Scene 7. Josephine Carrington, Steve Drake
* Scene 8. Erica Boyer, Tony Martino
* Scene 9. Heather Wayne, Paul Thomas, Steve Drake
* Scene 10. Andrea Brittian, Paul Thomas

Gorgeous Jessica Longe is a boardroom widow – her husband is always away on business trips, and on the rare occasion when he is home, he pays her little mind, especially in the sexual arena. Jessica decides to spend a weekend at Paul Thomas’ house, where she can think things over and also maybe beat the insomnia that’s been keeping her up nights. When she arrives, the house is alive with kinky sexual escapades, including a wall-to-wall orgy Paul tries to get her to join. She refuses but doesn’t pass up a three-way lesbian dalliance with Erica Boyer and Heather Wayne. Gradually, her sexual hang-ups dissolve and she does the wild thing with Paul before being driven home by her now-devoted hubby. A vast and rich sexual panorama with lots of psychological insight driving up the heat.





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