Good Morning Taija Rae (1988)

Year: 1988
Genre: Hardcore | Sex

Director: Buck Adams

Good Morning Taija Rae

Taija spends her vacation on the beach while waiting for her boyfriend, who is having fun in the city. Jerry’s got Taija, Buck’s got Taija, Fallon, Taija and Ariel have each other and the guys. This is a Superstar, super erotic story of love and lust. What a way to get up in the morning!


Taija Rae
Tami White


Buck Adams
Jerry Butler

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Taija Rae, Buck Adams
Scene 2. Fallon, Tami White
Scene 3. Taija Rae, Jerry Butler
Scene 4. Fallon, Jerry Butler
Scene 5. Tami White, Jerry Butler
Scene 6. Tami White, Buck Adams



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