Hardcore (1994)


 Nikki Dial, Tony Tedeschi, Dyanna Lauren, Nick East, Nic Cramer, Brad Armstrong, Kaitlyn Ashley, Alex Sanders, Ron Jeremy.

It was a contest, albeit not your average one. Nikki Dial was looking for a look-alike to handle some of the many personal appearances a porn star must make. She finds another Nikki Dial. And Nikki #2 finds herself doing a lot more than personal appearances.
This first-rate adult feature is yet another variation of Mark Twain’s “The Prince and the Pauper.” In this case, Nikki Dial plays dual roles as a burnt-out porn actress and an aspiring wannabe. She even appears as both characters at the same time, via split screen, in an exchange that must have “Parent Trap” and “Patty Duke” special effects artists spinning in their graves – or sending them there on a first class ticket if their lungs still take air. But technical wizardy aside, and for a mid-90′s porn title I am sincere in my praise, what makes this movie work are the compelling performances of the cast. I don’t follow the AVN Awards closely but I hope that Nikki was at least nominated. She’s never looked better on film, she’s exclusively boy/girl in this production, and one gets a sense that the fourth wall has been broken and for the first time we’re actually seeing the little girl from Erie. For those interested in the sex, she is featured in three scenes total. Two of them are very romantic – one outdoors with Nick East and the other in a kitchen set (in a movie within a movie) with Tony Tedeschi. The other scene is early on when she’s the disinterested porn star with Alex Sanders and takes place on a staircase while a movie is being filmed. There are two other scenes; one with Kaitlyn Ashley as a fluffer and the other featuring Dyanna Lauren at a camp site by fire light. This was Nikki’s finest hour and on a ratings scale adjusted for porn, because no one can compare porn to mainstream, this is as good as it gets and definitely deserves a 10.





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  1. Thanks for this one. Looks nice according to thumbs and names like Nikki and Dyanna. Downloading now. Would be great to have a DVD version; possible?

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