Hot Spa (1984)

John Stagliano

* Cara Lott
* Karen Summer [Facial]
* Lynn Ray
* Pamela Jennings [Facial]
* Renee Summers
* Tammera [Facial]

* Frank James
* Greg Derek
* J. B.
* Marc Wallice
* Richard Anderson
* David Sanders (as Steve Sanders)

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Karen Summer, Greg Derek, Marc Wallice
* Scene 2. Karen Summer, Renee Summers, Frank James
* Scene 3. Tammera, 2 guys
* Scene 4. Karen Summer, Lynn Ray
* Scene 5. Cara Lott, Pamela Jennings, guy
* Scene 6. Lynn Ray, guy
* Scene 7. Karen Summer, Lynn Ray, guy, Marc Wallice
* Scene 8. Lynn Ray, Marc Wallice
* Scene 9. Cara Lott, Frank James
* Scene 10. Karen Summer, guy
* Scene 11. Pamela Jennings, guy
* Scene 12. Tammera, Greg Derek

There’s more than one way to work up a sweat… if you’ve got the right exercise partners. Gina’s a bored housewife who wishes she could join in the fun and games she sees at her health club. Her wishes come true with Annie, her exercise instructor, in a steamy love scene set in a sizzling sauna. Soon Gina’s really swinging – and we don’t mean gymnastics – with Annie, with superstuds JB and Mark, then for a climax, in a ten-person session of aerobic erotics that’ll leave you panting for breath.

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