Cheerleader Academy (1986)


Blondi (as Blondi Bee) [Facial]
Bunny Bleu [Facial]
Candie Evens (as Candie Evans)
Erica Boyer [Facial]
Jennifer Noxt [Facial]


Peter North
Scott Irish
Tom Byron
Tony Montana

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Erica Boyer, Jennifer Noxt
  • Scene 2. Blondi, Tony Montana
  • Scene 3. Candie Evens, Peter North
  • Scene 4. Bunny Bleu, Scott Irish
  • Scene 5. Jennifer Noxt, Tom Byron
  • Scene 6. Bunny Bleu, Peter North
  • Scene 7. Candie Evens, Scott Irish
  • Scene 8. Erica Boyer, Jennifer Noxt, Tom Byron

Language: English

Language: German with Dutch subtitles


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