Hot Teenage Assets (1978)


Alternate Titles

* Backdoor Rhapsody
* Hot Assets


* Daemian Lee
* Zachary Youngblood


* Cris Cassidy [Anal DP IR]
* Cynthia Pleshette
* Eileen Wells [IR]
* Glenda Simon
* Kathy Malwin [Anal]
* Miki Star
* Molly Seagrim
* Sandy Day
* Sarah Lorhman (as Sarah Michelob)


* Curt Crotchkiss
* Bob Bernharding (as Geos Saavadni)
* Hashoil Dammit
* Kevin Cucker
* Thomas Tringler

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. 2 brunettes, Guy
* Scene 2. Bob Bernharding, Cris Cassidy
* Scene 3. Bob Bernharding, Kathy Malwin
* Scene 4. Cris Cassidy, Kathy Malwin
* Scene 5. Eileen Wells, Unknown Male 2728-A
* Scene 6. Guy, Unknown Female 2728-A, Unknown Female 2728-B
* Scene 7. Sarah Lorhman, Unknown Male 2728-B
* Scene 8. Bob Bernharding, Cris Cassidy, Eileen Wells, Kathy Malwin, Sarah Lorhman

It’s all out in the open!
Hot Teenage Assets is the story of a fox – her name is Kathy. She’s blonde and beautiful – but she’s a tight ass…just ask her friends. How do you loosen up a liberated lady – introduce her to the doctor… Doctor Good – and invite her to one of his weekend sensitivity sessions.
Beautiful people, touching…good feelings. Kathy soon discovers her own assets and realizes her deepest fantasies – which are revealed one by one in this classic tale of temptation discovered!




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