Initiation au college (1979)

Alternate Titles

* French Finishing School (USA, Caballero)
* Im College ist die Hoelle los (Germany, Beate Uhse 0043)
* Johanna la porno farfalla (Italy)
* Tonarsflickornas Vilda Porrlekar (Sweden)

Year : 1979
Country: France
Genre : Classic
Length: 01:05:30.760

Director : Gerard Kikoine
Studio : Alpha France release


* Brooke West as Mary Cruiser, plays Samantha Morgan
* Cathy Stewart as Cathy Grenier, plays Mary
* Celine Gallone plays a student (non-sex)
* Desirée Cousteau plays a friend of Eric
* Martine Schultz plays Veronica, Samantha’s schoolfriend
* Monique Carrère as Monique Carrière, fetish scene
* Nanci Disrober (?)
* XNK0126 Aunt Paula
* Two female students (blonde and mulatto)


* Thierry de Brem plays Eric, a professor
* John Oury plays Aunt Paula’s servant
* Joël Charvier plays a friend of Eric
* Victor Samama plays the police inspector
* Jean-Pierre Armand plays the police sergeant and masked man in fetish scene
* Transvestite in car
* Three males masturbating around car, one of whom seems to be Claude Valmont
* Désiré Bastareaud is the black dwarf
* Dominique Irissou plays one of the students (non-sex)
* Rocky (from Les Enfilées & Parties de chasse en Sologne) plays one of the students (non-sex)

1. Samantha peeps on aunt and her male servant and then goes to her room and DPs herself with two bottles.
2. She peeps on Eric and Cathy Grenier and photographs them. This becomes a threesome with Desirйe Cousteau and then a foursome as another male.
3. After blackmailing Eric, Samantha tells him of her first sexual experience with a friend and two cops. We see this in a flashback. Brooke West makes great play of blowing bubbles with the gum she is chewing, timing the last to coincide with a pop-shot.
4. Samantha and Eric pick up a transvestite and go to the Bois de Boulogne (I assume) where men encircle the car and masturbate. Samantha leaves car and leans against bonnet [hood of car] exposing herself while they masturbate and Eric fucks her.
5. Samantha is taken to large room [where] a masked man, a big-boobed woman both in fetish gear and a black dwarf in white suit enter. They tie her to the table and grope her, then untie her and have sex.




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