Accouplements pour voyeurs (1979)

Alternate Titles
* Acoplamientos para mirones – Spain
* L’Adorabile lingua di velluto – Italy
* Peep Show Girls – West Germany, VFL (Love Video) 1 hr 18 mins
* Salons spéciaux

Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin


* Christine Lodes as Virginie, plays Gina
* Lucie Doll plays Sylvie
* Morgane plays Sabine
* Serena plays a customer, the wife of Gabriel Pontello


* Alban Ceray, as Alban, plays Francois
* Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Allan, plays a customer
* Dominique Aveline plays a customer
* Gabriel Pontello plays a customer, the husband of Serena

French, English — 00:59:10 — better video quality

Language: French — 01:19:23 ( VHS-rip)


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