Accouplements pour voyeurs (1979)


Released: 1979
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin


* Christine Lodes as Virginie, plays Gina
* Lucie Doll plays Sylvie
* Morgane plays Sabine
* Serena plays a customer, the wife of Gabriel Pontello


* Alban Ceray, as Alban, plays Francois
* Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Allan, plays a customer
* Dominique Aveline plays a customer
* Gabriel Pontello plays a customer, the husband of Serena

A call-girl named Gina (Christine Lodes) decides to open up a special type of “spa” with one of her clients Francois (Ceray). Francois recruits two comely ladies Sylvie (Lucie Doll) and Sabine (Morgane)…
The gimmick is that clients in action can see other clients while they themselves are being attended to. This causes a problem when a female client, Serena, sees her husband (Pontello) in the next room. The problem is resolved with an orgy.



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