Le Fruit du Desir (1984)

Alternate Titles
Evil Mistress
Le Fruit du désir – Colmax DVD
Slave to Desire
Versklavt und der Lust geopfert – West Germany, Ribu
L’Esclave du désir, innocente et pervertie


* Dominique Saint Claire plays Anne-Sophie
* Eliane Florian plays La Gouvernante
* Eva Kleber plays Charlotte
* Marianne Aubert as Sylvie Esnault, plays Valerie
* Marina Samson plays Nathalie


* Yves Callas plays Edouard
* Alban Ceray plays Xavier
* Jacky Jack plays Gaston
* Jacques Marbeuf plays Bernard
* Henri Bernardeau plays Duprimeau (non-sex)

Language: French

Language: German dub ( better video quality )


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