Ladies Night (1980)


Released: 1980
Distributor: Caballero
Producer: Elliot Lewis
Director: Harry Lewis


* Annette Haven
* Tigr (as Chelsea McClane)
* Pheary I. Burd (as Isolde) [Facial]
* Laura Lazare [BJOnly Facial]
* Lisa DeLeeuw
* Nicole Noir
* Sonya Summers (as Sonya Sommers)
* Starr Wood (as Star Would)


* Billy Dee
* Blair Harris
* Mike Horner (as Don Hart)
* Felix Sleed
* Herschel Savage
* Jeff Scott
* Jesse Adams
* Kevin Mercury [NonSex]
* Ken Scudder (as Larry Layperson)
* Paul Thomas
* Richard Bern [NonSex]
* Sean Sullivan

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Ken Scudder, Pheary I. Burd
* Scene 2. Lisa DeLeeuw, Annette Haven, Nicole Black
* Scene 3. Herschel Savage, Laura Lazare
* Scene 4. Annette Haven, Mike Horner, Sean Sullivan
* Scene 5. Blair Harris, Lisa DeLeeuw, Felix Sleed, Starr Wood
* Scene 6. Billy Dee, Tigr
* Scene 7. Jeff Scott, Sonya Summers
* Scene 8. Annette Haven, Paul Thomas
* Scene 9. Jesse Adams, Nicole Black

What happens when the husbands of three gorgeous women turn into cough potatoes in front of the tube? Well, Betty, Angie and Irene find there’s lots of passionate goings-on during Ladies’ Night at a local club. Here, male strippers bare all for horny housewives… and sturdy studs are on the prowl to relieve a woman’s explosive, pent-up desires. From the pool tables to the parking lot, every form is the wife who really scores big… when she lads the Master of Ceremonies, Paul Thomas for an evening of lust you won’t soon forget! It’s 10:00pm. Do you know where your wife is?




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