Ladies Room (1987)

If the walls of the Ladie’s Room could talk! Well, now they do!! Take a wild walk down memory lane and relive all the raunchy action that’s taken place inside a passionate powder room. The encounter between a bootlegger and a bodacious bimbo.


Alexa Parks (as Alexa Praval)
Blondi (as Blondie)
Buffy Davis [LezOnly]
Jamie Summers
Melanie Scott [NonSex]
Krista Lane (as Rebecca Lynn)
Rosemarie (as Rose Marie)
Sade [NonSex]
Sharon Mitchell [BJOnly]
Tamara Longley [NonSex]
Tami White


Hershel Savage
Jerry Butler
Peter Nicholas
Randy West
Scott Irish
Tom Byron
Tony Montana (as Toni Montana)

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Tami White, Hershel Savage
Scene 2. Blondi, Buffy Davis, Tony Montana
Scene 3. Jamie Summers, Tom Byron
Scene 4. Keisha, Scott Irish
Scene 5. Jamie Summers, Randy West
Scene 6. Alexa Parks, Krista Lane, Jerry Butler
Scene 7. Rosemarie, Sharon Mitchell, Peter Nicholas




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