L’amour (1984)

Cast: Kay Parker, Angel, Shanna McCullough, Ginger Lynn, Nikki Randall, Harry Reems, Jamie Gillis, Tom Byron

L’Amour opens with a bang and keeps right on banging. Handsome, macho Vince is driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and talking on his car telephone with his lawyer and drinking buddy Jerry about his delinquent alimony payments to his ex-wile Ellen. At the other end of the line, Jerry while he talks, is being treated to some great oral sex by energetic blonde, Stacy. He puts down the phone and returns the favor. Then we switch to Vice’s home, where his new wile Gloria, who happens to be Jerry’s ex, is consoling herself with the help of her new fur coat and a vibrator. Vince calls her and she tells him come home, I’m keeping it warm for you!
Ellen can’t pay her rent so she decides to move back into Vice’s house with their teenage son Mark. They arrive just after Vice has come home and piled into bed with Gloria, and Ellen watches them. Vince and Gloria tell Ellen to get out, but she makes clear she’s staying. While young
Mark is losing his virginity to Pam whom he’s met at a drive-in cafe, Ellen meets Jerry for a legal conference and they wind up in a sizzling session in bed. Next we see Gloria and Ellen enjoying the sun by the pool in Vince’ absence. You guessed it – soon they’re rolling and panting in a lesbian embrace.
Vince and Jerry get drunk together and pick up a couple of willing young girls. They enjoy foursome orgy in the girl’s apartment. The stumble home to Vice’s place in the small hours and he invites Jerry to stay the night Jerry falls into bed with Ellen and Vince with Gloria, but that’s only the beginning. Mari comes home bringing Pam with him. That makes three men and three women in the house and when one or the other gets up to go to the bathroom and comes back to the wrong bed, a classic mix-up ensues. Everybody enjoys a romp In bed with everybody else. By morning things have quieted down and the riotous, horny epic ends on a happy note.






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