Les grandes vicieuses (1980)



Released: 1980
Director: Alain Payet as John Love

Alternate Titles
Les Petites vicieuses prennent leur pied
Caresses profondes re-issue title
Petites Vicieuses (les)
Grandes Vicieuses (les)
Bocche vogliose

• Brigitte Verbecq as Brigitte Piga or as Melody Bird, depending on which release
• Catherine Danton
• Elisabeth Buré
• Lucie Doll
• Marie-Claude Moire
• Pascale Cherill as Pascale Chemia in one of the releases

Carmelo Petix
Gabriel Pontello
Alain Plumey = Cyril Val
Piotr Zielinski =Ivan Slav

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Catherine Danton
  • Scene 2. Eva Bassan, Carmelo Petix
  • Scene 3. Catherine Danton, Carmelo Petix
  • Scene 4. Elisabeth Bure, Eva Bassan, Carmelo Petix
  • Scene 5. Elisabeth Bure, Eva Bassan, Cyril Val
  • Scene 6. Catherine Danton, Lucie Doll, Brigitte Verbecq
  • Scene 7. Catherine Danton, Gabriel Pontello
  • Scene 8. Catherine Danton, Lucie Doll, Marie-Claude Moreau, Brigitte Verbecq, Pascale Cherill, Carmelo Petix, Gabriel Pontello, Piotr Stanislas, Unknown Male 900779

Language : French




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