L’Infirmiere (1978)

Original Title

* Entrechattes

Alternate Titles

* Engel der Lust (Germany, Beate Uhse)
* L’Infirmiere (re-release title, DVD Blue One)
* Private Nurse (USA, same film?)
* The Nurse


* Jenny Feeling as Agnes Lemercier, plays Ange, the nurse
* Marie-Dominique Cabannes plays Carole, wife of Charles
* Marion Schultz plays the masked blonde
* Micky Love plays Evelyne, wife of Bernard


* Patrice Cheron plays Bernard (son of patient)
* Gilbert Servien plays Charles (the patient)
* Jean-Louis Vattier plays Peter (the chauffeur)
* Joel Charvier plays Olivier (another son of the patient)
* Alban Ceray plays a friend of Olivier’s
* Daniel Bellus plays Patron Tabac (barman)
* Dominique Aveline plays Un Militaire (soldier in bar)
* Andre Miller, as Franck plays 2eme Militaire (second soldier in bar)
* Guy Bonnafoux plays Monsieur Richemond (first victim)

Scene 1. Guy Bonnafoux, Jenny Feeling
Scene 2. Andre Miller, Dominique Aveline, Marie-Dominique Cabannes
Scene 3. Micky Love, Patrice Cheron
Scene 4. Jenny Feeling, Marie-Dominique Cabannes
Scene 5. Joel Charvier, Marion Schultz
Scene 6. Alban Ceray, Joel Charvier, Marion Schultz
Scene 7. Jenny Feeling, Joel Charvier
Scene 8. Jean-Louis Vattier, Micky Love
Scene 9. Gilbert Servien, Jenny Feeling
Scene 10. Marie-Dominique Cabannes
Scene 11. Jenny Feeling, Patrice Cheron
Scene 12. Gilbert Servien, Jenny Feeling
Scene 13. Joel Charvier, Marie-Dominique Cabannes
Scene 14. Micky Love, Patrice Cheron

Language: French



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